Dear Patients:

       It is with mixed emotions that I am closing down Family Integrative
  Health Center effective immediately. It has been a great pleasure providing
  for your health care needs these last few years. This is not an easy decision.

       As of August 15, 2014, Comfort Care Family Practice, 5799 Stetson Hills Blvd.,
  Colorado Springs, CO 80917, (719) 471-2273, will be available to care for
  Family Integrative’s patients. Of course, you may seek care from any
  practitioner as you may choose. I recommend finding another provider
  as soon as possible.

       Your medical records will be stored at Comfort Care and can be obtained or
  transferred to Comfort Care or any other provider by signing the attached
  authorization form and returning it to Comfort Care to release your records.
  Until then, your medical records will remain in storage with Comfort Care.

       I have greatly valued our relationship and thank you for your loyalty and
  friendship over the years. Best wishes to your future health.


  Christine Briggs

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         Medical Request Form